2nd Wednesday Theater: The Bread of Life


July 12

2nd Wednesday Theater: a monthly play-reading of rarely-performed classics, undiscovered gems, old chestnuts, and exciting new works.

In July, we will read The Bread of Life, by Frank Pagliaro.

In Roman-dominated ancient Palestine, Febronia lives by making bread with the grinding stones that sit in front of her wattle-and-daub hut. However, when her fisherman husband, Peter, abandons the family to follow a controversial preacher from Nazareth, Febronia is left alone to care for their young son, Saul. Despite help from her mother, Elizabeth, Febronia cannot prevent Saul from joining the zealots who insist on the violent overthrow of Roman rule in their country, and soon he’s involved in the same kind of trouble that took his father away from home in the first place. This two-act tragedy tells a story about family, Messianism, and a woman who finds, after desperately clutching at a reality in constant flux, that she only has herself.

Frank Pagliaro

Frank Pagliaro is an actor, improviser, playwright, and theatre technician based in Brooklyn. Originally from Massachusetts, he cut his teeth at the Cape Cod Theatre Company, home of the Harwich Junior Theatre. He continued his love affair with theatre at Williams College, where he earned the Louise J. Ober '64 Theatre Award and led the college's improv comedy troupe, Combo Za. In the fall of his senior year at Williams, the student theatre group produced Frank's first play, 'Of One Allegiance Only,' which told the story of Ireland's doomed Easter Rising in 1916. He is currently auditioning, writing, training at the Upright Citizens Brigade, and working with the Murder Mystery Company.

Wednesday July 12 at 7:30pm in the Main Performance Space
FREE admission and $5.00 wine