2nd Wednesday Theater: The Money Shot


November 8

2nd Wednesday Theater: a monthly play-reading of rarely-performed classics, undiscovered gems, old chestnuts, and exciting new works. November 8 we present The Money Shot, by Neil LaBute.

This raunchy, acerbic Hollywood satire presents four characters perched on the showbiz power ladder. Two screen idols past their peak and in desperate need of a hit assemble to discuss a sensitive professional matter with their respective partners. The scene they’ll be shooting together the next day will be climactic in more ways than one, as their psychotic director wants them to have real, honest-to-badness sex on camera. (The term “money shot” comes from pornographic film.) But before they commit their coupling to digital eternity, they want to clear it with their partners. The meeting starts nasty, turns nastier and finally segues into no-holds-barred and often hilarious confrontation.

Written by Neil LaBute, directed by Carol McManus.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017 at 7:30pm
on the Main Stage
FREE admission!