4th Annual Kentucky Derby Gala


May 6

Join us for Cotuit’s annual Run for the Roses!  Celebrate the Kentucky Derby Cotuit Style!

We’ll have live betting, a hat parade and contest, photo ops with horses, surprise events and of course, mint juleps!  The race will be broadcast live on our high definition 26 foot movie screen, so plan to join us a cheer your horse and jockey! 


The fourth year of this annual event at the Center promises to be something special.  
Admission is only $20 and kids under 12 are admitted free.

There will be four opportunities for betting, with the house taking 50% on everything (It is a fundraiser, after all!) and with opportunities to win some serious cash!

Betting opportunities

  1. Raffle:  There will be two raffles ($5 & $10).  Purchase a sealed envelope at the raffle table, open the envelope which will have one horse from the race, then cheer on your horse!  Payout is for the winning horse only.  The winning horse will receive 50% of the total bet for that raffle.
  2. First-Second-Third:  $5 bet.  Place your name in the box next to the horse you think will win.  Each winning pool (1st, 2nd, 3rd) is determined by the number of bets placed for each of the horses.  50% of the total winning pool goes to the house and 50% split amongst the winners.
  3. Horse Auction:  A silent auction where each of the horses running will be “auctioned off”. If you “own” the winning horse, you take home 50% of the total amount bet.

But don’t worry, we’ll have lots of representatives to explain all the rules and odds at the event.

Event timeline

3:00     Arrivals and Photos with horses
            Light snacks are served and cash bar is open

4:00     Hat Parade and Contest

4:30     "To Hot to Trot" Race

5:00     Horse Silent Auction

5:30     Buffet

6:15     Call to the races:  Close betting

6:25     DERBY

6:30     Dessert
            Winner's Circle
            Hat Awards
            "To Hot to Trot" winner announced

6:40     Payout window opens

Get some inspiration for our hat contest here

See photos from last year's Derby Gala here

Visit the official Kentucky Derby website here


Kentucky Derby Gala
Saturday, May 6, from 3pm to 7pm
Tickets $20 // Children under 12 are free

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