Best of the Woods Hole Film Festival: BEST OF THE SHORTS


Sunday, October 15 at 7:30 p.m

Best of the Shorts
Assorted Award-Winning Short Films (109 mins.)

Shy Guys - Comedy by Fredric Lehne (8 mins.)
TICK DAYS - Documentary by Marnie Crawford Samuelson (18 mins.)
Stars - Animated by Han Zhang (5 mins.)
Rhonna & Donna - Comedy by Daina O.Pusic (15 mins.)
Promise - Drama by Tian Xie (16 mins.)
A Little Grey - Animated by Simon Hewitt (5 mins.)
Blind Sushi - Documentary by Eric Heimbold (17 mins.)
Game - Documentary by Jeannie Donohoe (15 mins.)
The Final Show - Comedy by Dana Nachman (10 mins.)


$14 General Admission

Buy a package! You can get tickets to all 3 films in our Best of the Woods Hole Film Festival series for $30, or $25 to 2 films.


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