Photography 101


with Bob Singer       ADULTS
6 classes, Wednesdays, Mar 7-Apr 11

The secret to taking better pictures is discovering how to more effectively use your camera, cell phone, or tablet. You can use any of them to take pictures and they all do it the same way: they record light that passes through a lens to fall on a digital sensor, capturing the pictures that you have arranged and exposed. With juried master fine art photographer/photography instructor Bob Singer, you’ll learn how to use your camera, cell phone, or tablet controls, adjustments, and abilities to help you take and make better pictures. We’ll cover the essentials of photography from equipment to techniques that can help you produce better results. You’ll gain a better, fuller understanding of:

  • what your camera’s or device’s controls do and when to use them
  • the important relationship between and impact of the size of your lens opening (f/stops), shutter speed and ISO setting
  • white balance and color space
  • effectively capturing a scene’s or subject’s full tonal range
  • controlling noise (graininess)
  • composing your picture: what to include and avoid…and why
  • …and more!

You’ll become more comfortable with your camera, cell phone, or tablet as you refine your skills to “catch the moments” that will leave you more satisfied and fulfilled with your pictures!

Wednesdays, March 7 - April 11
10:00am - 12:00pm upstairs in the Black Box
6 classes, $180/$153 members

Questions? Contact Bob at