February-March 2018 Gallery Exhibits


Shirley Mossman Nisbet, "Spiraling Warmth"

A Moment: Shirley Mossman Nisbet & Betty Carroll Fuller

Sweet Spot: Cape Cod Art Center Camera Club

Five Focal Points: Frank Winters, Mikael Carstanjan, Mark Chester, Julia Cumes, Rowland Scherman

Escapees from a Little Black Book: Sculpture by Neil Grant

EXHIBIT DATES:  February 17-March 17, 2018
February 17, 5:00-7:00pm
Please join us for a talk with the artists at 5pm
followed by a reception.

About the Exhibits

A Moment: Paintings and Drawings by Shirley Mossman Nisbet & Betty Carroll Fuller


This exhibition is the culmination of many years of friendship and professional artistic endeavors which included the frequently discussed idea of possibly exhibiting together. The artists work is firmly rooted in the working methods of the abstract expressionists. The paintings and drawings of Shirley Mossman Nisbet and Betty Carroll Fuller emphasize a decidedly contemporary point of view by combining the sensibilities of both the AbEx and Minimalist traditions. 

* Image: Nuptial Flight of The Queen Bee, Betty Carroll Fuller



Sweet Spot: Cape Cod Art Center Camera Club


This exhibit will display the wide range of skilled work created by local fine art photographers who represent the Cape Cod Art Center’s Camera Club. While many shoot a variety of subjects, most members have work that is recognizable as that photographer’s special forte, or sweet spot. Each artist will hang two works that demonstrate one portion of their portfolio. Photos included range from landscapes to abstracts, shots taken in all kinds of light, and from extremely realistic to digitally manipulated.  Artists represented range from relative newcomers to master artists in the camera club, which meets twice a month to share images and learn about the various aspects of digital photography. 



Five Focal Points


"Five Focal Points" is an exhibit showcasing the diverse photography styles of five Cape Cod artists Mikael Carstanjan, Mark Chester, Julia Cumes, Rowland Scherman, and Frank Winters



Escapees from a Little Black Book: Sculpture by Neil Grant


Neil Grant is an English sculptor who makes fine art through a slightly different lens. An award winning artist, he combines technical skill with storytelling and humor.

Neil lives in Cape Cod, Massachusetts where he sculpts out of his studio and teaches classes and workshops out of Cotuit Center for the Arts and other arts centers.

“Sculpture is how I put my thoughts out into the world, and so I try to make sure that they are ideas worth sharing.  All sculptures have an origin story, and mine normally begin with questions such as, “I wonder if anyone has ever attempted that in clay before?” or “It’s probably not what you’d call classical sculpture, but I wonder if people would like it?”  I love sculpture and any other form of art that fuses skill, emotion, and if it can, a bit of humor. That’s what I aim for in my work."

Visit Neil Grant's website here

* Image: Charlie Versus the World, sculpture by Neil Grant