Lecture Series: A History of St. Patrick


with Sean Murphy       ADULTS
4 classes, Tuesdays, Mar 7-28 

St. Patrick is the most recognized person around the world who is connected with Ireland. He is the saint who is most associated with the transformation of Pagan Ireland to Christian Ireland. Each year he is the most celebrated person of Irish heritage among the Irish community throughout the world.
There are, perhaps, only a few events in the history of Ireland that are more significant  than the contribution of St. Patrick and his followers. The history of Saint Patrick and the period in which he lived provides us with insights into the events that changed Ireland — and indeed the world — forever.

Who was St. Patrick? Where did he come from? Why have his work and memory endured for almost 1600 years? Where in the world is he honored and celebrated every year and why? What is the relationship between St. Patrick and the Irish Diaspora? What is the history of St. Patrick's Day celebrations?
These questions and more will be answered by noted local Irish historian, Sean Murphy, during this four-week course — come and learn!

4 one-hour lectures, each followed by a 30-minute discussion period

March 7, 14, 21, 28        
2:00-3:30 pm, Basement Classroom in the Main Building
$75/$63.75 members

Sean Murphy is an Irishman now living and teaching Irish history, music, and dance on Cape Cod and Nantucket. He studied Irish social, economic, and political history as both an undergraduate and graduate student at Trinity College Dublin. In 2016 he organized and presented a number of lectures and events related to the 1916 Easter Rebellion including one at the Irish Village with Derek Warfield. In Ireland, Sean was involved in social and political movements including the Irish Civil Rights Association (ICRA) in the '70's and the "Reclaim the Spirit of 1916" Committee that organized the 75th Anniversary Celebration of the Easter Rising in 1991. In the 1990's he was elected to be a member of the Dublin City Development Board. In 2014, Sean was awarded the Thomas P. McCann "Altruism Award" trophy by the Cape Cod St. Patrick's Day Committee for his "support and commitment to the Culture and Heritage of Ireland and its people."