Irish lecture Series with Sean Murphy


with Sean Murphy       ADULTS
4 classes, Tuesdays
Oct 3-24   The Flight of the Earls
Oct 31-Nov 21   The Rebellion of 1641

The Flight of the Earls in 1607 represented the final destruction of the Irish Clan system as it had existed for about 2,000 years from the arrival in Ireland of the Celts. The "Flight" was quickly followed by the main Plantation of Ulster, the forced displacement of Irish people from Ulster and the settlement of the province by settlers from Scotland and England. The events of  the 400 years since then include the confiscation of lands, titles, and resources; war, famine, disease, and the implementation of laws designed to destroy Irish language, religion, economy, and culture. The results of this colonization include the deaths of millions, the emigration of over seven million Irish people, the impoverishment of countless generations, and the partition of Ireland.

4 one-hour lectures, each followed by a 30-minute discussion period

The Rebellion of 1641, the Irish Catholic Confederation, and the Cromwellian Conquest and Plantation (1649-1658): The  Rising in 1641 was followed by the formation of the Catholic Confederation which became the de facto government of Ireland, free from the control of the English administration and loosely aligned with the Royalist side in the Wars of the Three Kingdoms.The subsequent Irish Confederate Wars continued in Ireland until 1652, when Oliver Cromwell's New Model Army decisively defeated the Irish Catholics and Royalists, and re-conquered Ireland.
Oliver Cromwell, a Puritan, believed he was an instrument of divine retribution for (alleged) atrocities committed by Catholics against Protestants in 1641 and he accordingly gave orders to deny mercy to Catholics. His campaign was savage and is remembered for the slaughter of women and children as well as unarmed captives. As a result of deaths from war, killings, plague, disease, exposure to the elements, famine and deportations the population of Ireland fell by an estimated  600,000 - almost by half.

4 one-hour lectures, each followed by a 30-minute discussion period

October 3-24: Flight of the Earls
October 31 - November 21: The Rebellion of 1641
2:00 pm - 3:30 pm upstairs in the Black Box
$75/$63.75 members per 4 sessions
$20 drop-in

Sean Murphy is an Irishman now living and teaching Irish history, music, and dance on Cape Cod and Nantucket. He studied Irish social, economic, and political history as both an undergraduate and graduate student at Trinity College Dublin. In 2016 he organized and presented a number of lectures and events related to the 1916 Easter Rebellion including one at the Irish Village with Derek Warfield. In Ireland, Sean was involved in social and political movements including the Irish Civil Rights Association (ICRA) in the '70's and the "Reclaim the Spirit of 1916" Committee that organized the 75th Anniversary Celebration of the Easter Rising in 1991. In the 1990's he was elected to be a member of the Dublin City Development Board. In 2014, Sean was awarded the Thomas P. McCann "Altruism Award" trophy by the Cape Cod St. Patrick's Day Committee for his "support and commitment to the Culture and Heritage of Ireland and its people."