Shekere Making with Sam!


with Sam Holmstock       ADULTS
6 classes, Fridays, Feb 23-Mar 30

Learn to build and play an Afro-Cuban shekere (pronunciation: SHAY-kuh-ray). The SHEKERE is a percussion instrument of West African origin consisting of a hollow gourd covered with a loose netting on which beads, shells, or seeds are strung. It can be played by shaking, tapping, or by rubbing or pulling on the net with the hands, and the effect is sonically similar to maracas or other shaker instruments.

The shekere is found in various forms in a wide variety of West African and Caribbean musical genres, both traditional and contemporary, and is also a mainstay in certain genres of Afro-Cuban and Brazilian music. Because the shekere is made of natural materials, including (usually) a real gourd, each individual instrument can vary substantially from the next in shape and size, which also affects the tone of the instrument. Part craft, part musical instruction, all FUN, the class will focus on the construction of the beaded skirt and playing the instrument after the skirt is finished.

All materials will be provided including the gourd, beads, string, and top rope.

Fridays, February 23 - March 30
5:30pm-7:00pm in the Art Studio
6 classes, $125/$106.25 members, plus a $50 materials charge